Friday, March 23, 2007

Dodging a bullet.....

This semester has, without question, been the worst semester of my entire life in terms of academic performance. First, pneumonia hit.. I was sick for a week before I got around to going to the doc, then was “out” for two weeks sick as a dog the whole time… then at the end of that two weeks, something good happened and I was surprised with our new home… but that, of course, involves things like moving, and obtaining a mortgage, and so on and so forth… it was an additional two weeks after that before I really felt fully recovered from the pneumonia (and I know I got off real easy – could’ve been sick for months). Add to all the hullabaloo & chaos the fact that my attention span is about the size of a gnat to begin with…. And it all amounts to “not much studying” and a complete inability to focus on ANYTHING. For my cultural anthropology class, I’ve gotten not one, but TWO “Cs” this semester… two tests, two Cs… ACK!!!!!!!! My membership in the Honor’s Society is seriously in peril unless I ACE the last two Anthropology tests. ***SIGH***

However… all is not totally lost in GPA-world… I just got my American Literature midterm exam grade back… somehow, I totally dodged a bullet and somehow got REALLY lucky…… somehow, I got a 92 on my American Lit midterm… that’s an A! A low A, but an A nonetheless. I thought for sure my eyes were deceiving me when I read it, but no… it really did say “Your grade is a 92!” ***faints*** I thought for SURE I’d get a C or worse on that midterm… because without a doubt (I thought) it was one of, if not THE, worst essay I’d ever written. I just threw it together in a few hours and submitted it, glad it was over with… it was TOTALLY “on the fly” – last-minute, etc. Thankfully¸ the teacher, for whatever reason, apparently did not think it was “one of the worst essays I’ve ever written.” To give it an “A,” he must’ve thought it was at least decent. Yay teacher!!!! Now… If I can just do well on the research paper I’m going to write, life will be good (at least in American Literature-world, haha… Anthropology-world, however, is another story… it will be REALLY hard to pull my grade up on that class.

Problem is.. I let myself get so far behind on everything (stupid pneumonia!) that I’m just overwhelmed and kinda “frozen.” Have been doing better this week, but still. Ack.

I will be SO glad when this semester is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Snog Dot said...

Calm down
Take deep breath
It'll all work out

Sarge Charlie said...

thanks for the video kat, sometimes i need something to bring me back to reality,

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