Sunday, March 25, 2007


Have a ton of tissues handy - you will need them for this. Never forget - our soldiers NEED our support - our tangible, for-real, honest-to-God support while they are out fighting for us. Their families, do, too. If this video doesn't make you want to do "something" to show them you care... I don't know what will.

You may wish to scroll down to the bottom of the page here and click the "stop" button on my "God bless the USA" song that automatically plays in the background on this blog...that way the music on this video and the music on the blog doesn't clash. This is a powerful, must-see video.


Sarge Charlie said...

OK, let me fess up Kat, this made me cry and now I want to share it with my readers, thanks, i took it.

Kat said...

had the same exact effect on me... i totally bawled.... had to share it, glad you are too.

DNR said...


I'm linking this today, I have also linked you on the Indiana PGR page. This needs to be seen, by everyone!!

Thanks for showing me!!

Brett Tracy said...

I'm IN PGR, never srved, but have the utmost respect for those that do. Especially for those families whose loved ones have given the ultimate sacrifice. This should be shown on all the network newscasts.
I, too, suffered from BMS (blurry monitor syndrome).

Respects, headhog

p.s. DNR sent me !

Kartman said...

Powerful Video

Found this from DNR's post

Indiana PGR

Maeve said...

Bawling like a baby here.

BTExpress said...

That was a very moving video. These are some of the same the things I thought about when I was lying in a rice paddy in Vietnam. Today, I hope that the effort our troops are putting into Iraq and all of the other places in the world is worth it in the end, I really do.

desertrose said...

Very powerful video, thank you for sharing it. Our troops do need all the support that we can give them.

God Bless Our Troops!!!!!

P.S. DNR sent me, I'm also a member of Indiana Patriot Guard Riders

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