Monday, March 26, 2007


Now that it is officially HOT here in the South, and will likely remain so for the rest of the season, my cool (and very heavy!) leather fringy biker jacket is being relegated to the coat closet unless needed. (Hey - I don't actually ride a motorcycle - still haven't even been on one, haha, so I don't technically "need" the leather jacket for safety reasons. Just for the "coolness" (and warmth) factor!) However... I still want to wear my PGR pins and such for PGR missions and events. So...the solution? A vest, of course!!!! To make a long story short, our lill buddy (and nephew of one of our Georgia Soldiers) found one on ebay really inexpensive, and voila - instant belated birthday gift for me!!!! I was super-shocked & surprised, to say the least!!!!! :) It finally arrived today (yep, the pic above is the same one I now have) and it's awesome! Fits perfectly and everything!!!!! :)
My local friend Bunny is having a patch made for my vest (and one for hers, too -- her sister makes them!)- it's going to say "Momma Kat" written underneath a set of cat eyes. Haven't seen the design yet, but the way she described it, it sounded mega-cool!!!!!!!
Have lots to blog about, but am short on time. But I was so excited about the new leather,hehe - I just had to write somethin real quick! This past weekend was just amazing and I'll have to tell ya all about it soon. :)


Anonymous said...

That's a nice looking vest. Post a photo after you decorate it.

Kat said...

Thanks, will do!

So far, I've got my Soldiers Angel pin, my PGR pin, and 4 "Mission Accomplished" PGR pins on there. That's all I've got so far... I'm certainly going to accumulate more. (anyone who has seen my car, with its zillions of magnets & bumper stickers, knows how much I LOVE to decorate stuff. hehe)

DNR said...

We tend to leave everything on out vests. Then wear the vest over the jacket. Most vests have lacing on the sides that let you expand (can’t see you your pic) it or you can use the vest chains. You can kinda see my set up here.

Kat said...

Yep, that's what I plan to do, too. :) See, i didn't get a vest way back when I joined the PGR in October, because back then, I had no idea I'd end up being SO involved! I really thought that the mission I went to, would be about the only one. Didn't expect it to be a great big ole loving family like it is... and (sadly) did not expect Georgia to get hit so hard with so many KIAs and for us to be "busy." By now, it's well-apparent that I'm in the PGR for life, lol - and a vest is now no longer optional for me, LOL!!!! :)

and yep, it has the lace-up thingys on the side, so it can expand. :)

Dustin said...

Glad you like it!!!

DNR said...

It is going to be for life, isn't it?

Almost more family that my real family sometimes.

Someday, it will be only welcome homes and anniversaries... some day.

CavMom said...

Be sure to give your Soldier a big hug from me!

I love the jacket. :)

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