Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I got to talk to Norris!!! Too cool!!! :-)

So, I'm in the waiting room at my chiropractor's office today, and my cell phone rings. Well, OK, truthfully, I was actually in the restroom when the phone rang!! I was like, 'Huh?!" cuz my cell phone NEVER rings, ever... and of course, Murphy's Law dictated that the one time it does ring, with a Very Important Phone call, it just WOULD have to be at a, er, most inopportune moment, haha! I saw the "601" area code (that's a MS area code) and knew right away it was my friend Janis, whose hubby, Norris, just had that major surgery up at Walter Reed Army Medical Center last week, as you know. If you are a new reader, just check out THIS LINK for the full story. Anyway, I told her I'd call her right back in like two minutes, haha! So, once I really WAS back in the waiting room, I called Janis back. She hadn't been able to get to a computer to email out an update for me to post on my blog, so she wanted to call me to check in. :) I chatted with her for a few minutes, then got to talk to Norris for a while. I was surprised he'd be up to a telephone conversation less than a week after a major, 11-hour surgery, but he sounded good - less energetic than when I was visiting them in Meridian, but really good nonetheless. Waaay better than I would sound if it were me, for sure!!!! In so many words, he told me he's still in a HECK of a LOT of pain. Thankfully, as you know if you've been following the story, he's no longer in SICU with the Evil Nurses from *****. :) Anyway, I finished talking with Norris, then got to chat with Janis again for a few minutes. They both said to thank everyone for y'all's prayers -- they truly appreciate it, and definitely need all the prayers they can get -- Norris has a long road in front of him. He told me they haven't even given him a "guestimation" of how long he'll be there, which is annoying to say the least. He said he'd at least like them to give him some kind of imaginary date -- so he'd have something to shoot for!!!!!! I would feel the same way, I think. I like to know EXACTLY what's going on, when, where, why & how at all times and would go nuts if I was stuck somewhere and had not the first clue of how long I'd be there. :( Poor Norris.

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone - it was SO cool to chat with them!!! :D

Janis said she'll try to get an update to me tomorrow night if she can... y'all just keep praying! Thanks!


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