Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Hidy-ho, all, Kat here, posting from the 24th floor of an office in beautiful midtown Atlanta. :-) It just dawned on me that in a couple days, it will be September -- followed immediately by October. (Wow, this college education is coming in handy!!) The reason this is important is because, as you may remember, my second annual Christmas/Holiday card drive for the troops will begin officially on October 1, and run through Friday, December 1 (cards will be shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan on Saturday, December 2!).

I'm starting to think about what I want my little promotional flyer to say - you know, the one that I'll email to everyone & their brother, and post on here regularly, and give to my HR department so they can send it out to the office, etc. :-) I need to think of a nifty little slogan to call this year's campaign. Last year, it was just "Christmas 4 Troops." Not exactly the result of sheer creative genius. I'd like to call this year's campaign by a more catchy title. (Like, Valentine's was, "Hearts 4 Heroes" and 4th of July was "Thanks for Freedom!")

So... please help me think of something - my creativity is just about dead these days between work & school & kids, etc. :-( Please leave your ideas here in the comments section..... If I pick one of the slogans suggested, you'll win.... my undying gratitude. :)


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