Thursday, August 24, 2006

SFC Galatas AOK after 11 hour surgery.

SFC Galatas AOK after 11 hour surgery. August 24th, 2006 7:30 PM EST

Well, Dr. Cormady came out to get me at 1:00 PM and said Norris was "a challenge" but they got the colostomy reversed and only "nicked" about three little places on the large bowel that they had to repair. They did a great job and even used surgical glue to get him leak-proof! His bag is gone and he will be so happy. Then the plastic surgery team took over and could not get him totally together in the middle, so they used Alloderm (skin) to sew him up with and get him closed up. He is closed up with drains in place but no wound vacs and is wearing a binder around his abdomen. He was moved to the SICU at 6:30 PM and had the pretty nurses all working on him to make him comfortable. His pain level is very high, but he has promised to keep still. Soldiers Angel Alina came and sat with me this morning and then my sister Amy came by about 10:00 am and is still here at 7:30 PM. Norris is in good hands with a nurse watching him tonight. He did not have the breathing tube in so he can talk to let them know what he needs. The next few days will be very painful for him, but he will be on an IV drip diet until the doctors are sure his intestines are working. He did not need blood transfusions. This is all good news and God has watched over us. Thank you for all your prayers and first prayer this morning was answered when the Anesthesiologist said Norris would be spending "at least one night" in SICU....made me feel better. And the second prayer was answered when they said they pumped out his stomach so he wouldn't aspirate. Now if he can keep from sneezing, coughing, or laughing, he'll be OK. He is very tight but I told him he looked 25 pounds thinner already and all he wanted was a mirror to see for himself. I am asking God to give him a peaceful night so he doesn't get all hot and itchy and agitated. Amy and I will go over and tell him good night and then I hope to get some sleep. I'm still on edge but feel OK. Love you guys. Janis


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