Thursday, August 24, 2006

Update on Norris Galatas, 2:00 p.m.

I got this email from a friend of mine, who is also a Soldiers' Angel and spent the morning with Janis when he went into surgery. Here is the latest on Norris....

Hi Kat - Just wanted to give you an early notice on how Norris' surgery is going. I spent the morning with Janis in the surgical waiting room and then her sister Amy showed up and I left around lunchtime to go to work for the afternoon. Janis told me he went into surgery at 8:15 AM. At 11:15 AM a call came in to her in the Surgical Waiting Room and they told her that everything was going well but it was a slow process.
After that we all left - I left to drive to work and Janis & Amy went to get something to eat and I think Janis had something she needed to take care of. Janis said she plans to e-mail you this evening with the details to post on your blog. She is holding up pretty well, but she is understandably nervous and I think it's good for her to have someone around that she can talk to about all kinds of things to keep her mind occupied with things other than the surgery.
... She says that Norris' worst days will probably be Friday and Saturday and hopefully by Sunday he will begin to start feeling better.
Well, I know you are concerned about them and so I thought I would let you know what's been happening up to this point.


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