Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well, here is my Christmas miracle --I just heard from my mortgage company, and they are going to give me a special forbearance through March. All I need to do is pay $100 a month, and it will NOT report to the credit agencies, nor will they take any actions to collect/foreclose/etc. So...that gives me three extra months in which to find a job - and a GOOD job at that, lol. Keep the prayers going that a job comes thru SOON. :) And in the meantime, that hubby can get enough hours so that we can do that, lol!

God is good!!!!!


k said...

Huh. I thought I'd left a comment when I first saw this post, Kat, but I guess I had a Brain Spasm and hit a wrong button. That happens a lot these days.

When I first read it I cannot tell you how intensely relieved I was. Having any blogger in foreclosure, me included, is not good. But you? With this house, the way you got it? Your situation, way above all the others out there, was making me kinda nuts.

Knowing you got some time for all your efforts to work with the people, it really was one of those Score One for the Good Guy moments.

Georgia Blogger