Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today marks the EXACT six-month anniversary of my flying leap from a motorcycle during the Rider's Edge course - you know, the flying leap that shredded my knee and got me a new (used) ACL and a significantly repaired meniscus? Yeah, that one. :) January 8 will be a full four months since surgery for all of the above.

Today was an awesome "Help on the Homefront" Christmas mission with the Patriot Guard Riders... we got to play Santa's Elves and deliver a whole mess of gifts to the family of one of our wounded HEROES. What an awesome honor that was! Whether I got to ride or not is really beside the point - the cool thing was being able to be there for this very special moment.

But, the icing on the cake, so to speak, is that FINALLY, after six months of not riding AT ALL (horrors and withdrawal...eek!) I FINALLY GOT TO RIDE! :-) I've been cleared by my doc for riding on the backseat as a passenger... can't do Rider's Edge class again till spring, but I'm good to go as a passenger and that's fine by me. "Sidecar Larry," as his name implies, offered me a deluxe seat in his lovely BMW sidecar (which nicely matched his lovely BMW bike!). Not quite the same as being in the backseat - almost like a low-riding convertible in a way, lol - but riding is riding and I had a BLAST! Also proved to myself what I knew already - my little bounce onto the pavement in June did not lessen or dampen my enthusiasm for riding one little bit. :)

Yep, I was certainly a happy Kat today!!!! :)

OK... wanna go riding again... like, NOW. :) C'mon, let's go! :)


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