Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Thanx to the generosity of our church & community, we are able to have a most excellent Christmas feast tomorrow night! Today (and until way late tonight, i'm sure) I've been baking up a storm. :)

Remember on Thanksgiving, how I screwed up the banana bread? Thankfully, this time it came out perfect. Yay! I just took the first of two apricot tea rings out of the oven; the second is baking now. First time I've made these...they LOOK good, the gooey yummy filling TASTES good...now that they are all assembled and baked, I hope they are as good as they look! :)

In the refrigerator chilling is dough for Lemon Star Cookies and dough for traditional, olde-fashioned sugar cookies.

Later on, I'll be assembling a pie or two.

Tomorrow evening, we are having turkey (thanks, next-door neighbor!), ham, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, and a variety of other goodies I can't recall right now. :)

Yay for Christmas! :)


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