Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keep on Keepin' on....

When you get to the end of your rope....
...tie a knot and HANG ON!

I'm SO good at tying knots, now, LOL! Things here are the same. Well, worse in some ways. There's way too much going on for me to be able to get into. Suffice it to say, tho, I need your prayers HUGELY. I'm very, very scared for my future...and in the days to come and right this second, I am going to need a TREMENDOUS amout of courage and strength to get thru what is coming our way. And you know what? Courage and strength are two things I really don't have a lot of. I've always been a wuss, LOL... and by now, I'm about tapped out on the whole courage/strength thing. I'm trusting God minute-by-minute, second-by-second, because He is the only one who can get me thru this situation we are facing. It's all out of my hands; there's nothing I can do but keep on doing what I know is right, and trusting God to work it out for the BEST. I've cried out to Him for years, asking for Him to help me...and I know He will, because He always does. But in the process of it all... there are some extraordiniarily rough waters ahead... my whole life will either be completely shattered and absolutely everything stripped away from me (wherein God would then help me to start over and rebuild my life from scratch... again), OR the rough ride ahead will see us come thru it intact, in one piece, and A-OK, with just a few bumps and bruises. Either way... my future is more unknown than ever. All I know, the ONLY thing I know, is that God is good, and even right now, is working all things out for the best for me, for the kids, for all of us. (see also Romans 8:28). I know God is Truth, and He will see to it that Truth prevails in the end. And He will take care of me, no matter what. He always has... and for sure He won't start abandoning me now!

Unemployment hasn't kicked in yet. I've signed up with yet ANOTHER employment agency, my fifth one (this one out in the Athens area - much easier drive than going to ATL, tho it's literally the same distance from my house). I'm still sending out resumes every day, to everywhere I can find. So far, not one interview. Not a one. Thanksgiving is only a coupla weeks away... and Christmas, what? six weeks away? Ack. Somehow both those holidays seem SO far away, even though they are ridiculously imminent! I can't even think or worry about how we are gonna manage the holidays right now. I'm just not going to worry about it - surely within six weeks, I'll get me a job somewhere, LOL! Again, God has ALWAYS taken care of us, no matter what the situation... and I know he'll do it again, somehow! :-)

There's no real point to this post, other than to ask for many prayers.... I need them, badly. I don't handle uncertainty and conflict well, and it seems that uncertainty and conflict are the constants in my life, in one form/fashion or another.

But I know God is with me, and all will be well.


a Blue Star Mom said...

Hi Kat,

When I was 14 yrs. old my mom was killed in an auto accident. I was the youngest and left behind with my Daddy. My two brothers were way older and married.
I thought that my world would come to an end even though I knew that my Mother went to live with Jesus. The old saying that death comes by three, may be true and I'm not all together sure about that one, but two of my friends also lost their mother within months.
One day, I was writing in my journal and the thought came to me, "I'm just fortunate that I don't have younger siblings to be Mommy to and I penned this quote......"Troubles are like a long extended ladder, having no beginning and no end, but there is always someone standing a rung higher and a rung lower than on the rung I stand."

I have been following your Blog and praying for you all along. I've been a 'Blue Star Mom' for over 24 years now and I know for sure that God does hear and answer prayer, especially IF we are faithful to Him. Our eldest son's life was spared when he and his men were hit by an IED explosion while deployed in Iraq just 3 weeks prior to his re-deployment. He just had his second major back surgery to fuse and repair his broken back Oct.'08, but he's still hanging in there and knows that if it weren't for answered prayer, he would not be alive today and he's the first one to tell everyone that. He is a platoon Sgt. and several times he actually stepped on roadside bombs and the when they brought out the bomb detector it was confirmed that they were live bombs that somehow failed to detonate. In his journal, entered as letters home, he stated, "Even my men that never believed in miracles or pray, believe now!" That was after his platoon commander was hit by a 500 lb. Russian bomb and destroyed the entire front end of that hummer and left a crater 8 ft deep and 18ft in diameter. His platoon was in a 3 vehicle convoy and not one of his men suffered anymore than minor cuts, scratches and bruises. God is so good.

Kat, I know for sure that IF God would answer this Mama's fervent prayers, he will answer our enjoined prayers with yours and take care of you and your little kiddos. He may not supply all your wants, but promises that He will supply all your needs.

God bless you honey, in all that you do, 'cause I have certainly been encouraged and blessed by you in all that you do so unselfishly for others, especially our very wonderfully selfless and brave heroes of this nation.

Thank you so very much and keep the faith, Jesus will never let you down.

((Hugs))..... a 'Blue Star Mom'

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