Monday, November 10, 2008

The Endless Search

The Great Job Search of 2008 continues along relentlessly. I spent the majority of the day on Sunday (you know, when all the new ads pop up in the paper) sending out resumes. Like a million of them! OK, maybe not a million, but by now it feels like it!

My 98 million emailed resumes (this is like a fish story..the amount of resumes sent out just gets bigger each time I tell it, LOL! ) yeilded ONE phone call today. Yay! It was unfortunately from yet ANOTHER staffing agency (which is really the main way law firms here do their hiring, so it's all good, I suppose).

But the thing that made me really happy was...this agency is NOT in Atlanta! This one is in Athens, Ga. (Yes, Dawg Country! Woof!) Athens is the same distance from my home as Atlanta is...but in the OPPOSITE direction. This is important! Going 33 miles to Atlanta each day took me about an hour and a half ONE WAY due to the traffic. The awful, awful mass migration of every single person who lives in the suburbs creeping slowly towards Atlanta each day... a daily ritual I loathe. God forbid if it RAINS or there's some kind of accident. That turns a commute to 2 hours or even more, depending on situation. Did I mention the ever-prsent construction thataway that fouls things up further?

WHEREAS, on the other hand... wandering to and from Athens today took me no longer than 45 minutes (one way).. because, you see, I was moving AWAY FROM ATLANTA. This made me rather happy. While I will, of course, go to Atlanta to work if I must (they pay fabulous salaries in Atlanta... i figure it's hazard pay due to the evil traffic horrors...the seven levels of traffic hell...), but if I can snag a decent-paying job in a less-traffic-y area... I'd be a very happy Kat indeed.

So... anyway, where was i? Oh yeah. Went to Staffing Agency Number 5 (would have been Number 6, but one of the other agencies I was with went outta business... ugh) and did the typing test (to my annoyance, I only scored 68 wpm on the typing test... just last week, I scored 77 wpm on the same 5 minute typing test... my usual is 75-80 wpm..WTH is up with that???) and MS Word test and Excell test and my interview with Madame Headhunter, who was very likeable and nice. She seemed confident that something would come up... they don't have all the hiring freezes and such going on out there... it's still rough in that area, she said, but nowhere near as bad as Atlanta. So something should pop up for me. My measly 68 wpm (seriously...i'm SO annoyed at that) seemed to impress her, actually. Things must go a bit slower out there in the country, lol. ;)

If I can snag a job in or near Athens, that would also be beneficial to my college career. Only a few more credits and I'll have my AA in English.... Then I can transfer to a four-year college, and well, there just so happens to be one in Athens! ;) Or, maybe I could go ahead and transfer, etc. But all that is just "extra" that's floating around my head. I've taken the past 12 months off college and would have to wait until AT LEAST spring, most likely Fall, if I were to go back in 2009 to finish my AA and go forward. But there's a lot of "unknowns" that I have to work thru first... I can't possibly even THINK of going back to college till I have a crapload of other stuff in my personal life worked out first. That all has to be taken care of /worked out and on an even keel, then my job situation, before I'll be able to devote time to that. But... the idea of "just happening" to work so close to a college institution is appealing to me, for "somewhere down the road" when I get back into the swing of academia.. :)

So, anyway, here I am... still unemployed, but blanketing all of Georgia (LOL) with my resumes and trying my darndest to find SOMETHING soon!


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