Monday, November 03, 2008

Just great....

Well, I DID get a call from the school today (see previous post). Only problem was, it wasn't the elementary school calling about a puking 5 year old. It was the middle school where my 13 y/o goes. They wanted to know if he was OK, since he's almost NEVER absent from school. Excuse me, but...


*ahem* Absent? Gee, golly - he and his sister both LEFT THE HOUSE this morning shortly after 6 a.m. to catch their bus as they do every morning. I was AWAKE and even SPOKE to the varmint before he left - so I KNOW he left...he sure as heck isn't HERE... I searched around (thank God for small houses, lol) - so where the ^&(^&*(&*( is he?!


Edited to Add:

WTF?! I called the high school...charming eldest daughter is not there, either!!!




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