Monday, November 03, 2008

Well, ok then...

Called the local unemployment office to find out if I needed an appt, what their hours were, what I needed to bring, etc. (I know, all dumb questions, but I've never done this before, so...!) They told me that Monday is their WORST day, and that they are already (at not even 9:00 a.m. yet) EXTREMELY backed up - as in, wait times of several hours - and that I really should come in on another day, not today. ARGH! I really wanted to get there today and get this done. I didn't realize they opened at 7:30 in the a.m. - I thought it was like 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. Had I known that.... I woulda been there right at 7:30 and at the front of the line.

Between my lingering bronchitis and my knee (which is in a lot of pain because I've been busting my butt trying to make my house livable again... it got downright NASTY during the several weeks I was down from my knee surgery. Food was cooked and laundry was done, but NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING, else was. So all weekend I worked on trying to get it livable again, at least so it's not a health-code violation - a very slow process, cuz i still can't get down on the floor and such to reach under things and still can't lift heavy stuff or climb to reach high stuff and... but I digress), sitting there for several hours today is a BAD idea. Plus, my 5 yr-old was throwing up last night and felt like he was running a low fever... he seemed OK this morning and wanted to go to school, but I'm still half-expecting to get a call from the school today saying he's sick.

I'm thinking my best bet will be to go tomorrow. Election Day... I wonder if that will make the crowds lesser?? Voting is going to be a nightmare. No, I didn't early vote or vote-by-mail, being somewhat occupied with recouping from surgery and then working and re-learning to walk and all..... so I have to do it "in person" tomorrow. Ugh, not gonna be fun. But maybe if I'm early enough... No WAY am I going to miss voting tomorrow, nu=uh, not gonna happen. If the wrong one wins and I didn't vote, I'd sooo never be able to forgive myself. And besides that, regardless of who wins, countless thousands of heroes have died thru the past 200+ years so that I'd have the FREEDOM to be ABLE to Vote. Spit on their sacrifice by not doing it, when I can? Nope, not gonna happen! So... tomorrow - vote, then go immediately to the unemp office. If I get stuck there tomorrow for hours, well then, whatever. I'll get some cough drops today to take with me tomorrow, lol. (I need 'em anyway.) I kinda wanna go to the unemp. office first, really, BUT looking at it practically, the unemp. office has chairs; voting lines do not. If I'm going to be stuck for hours somewhere tomorrow, darn it, it will be somewhere with chairs. LOL!

This makes me mad! I wanted to get my unemp. done TODAY. Cuz it takes FOREVER (3 weeks) to get your first check. Ack! But whatever. I have a feeling that if I push myself too much today after practically killing myself all weekend, I wont' be able to move tomorrow hardly. Can't afford a relapse when I'm just starting to get well, cuz I'm insurance-less now. So, I'll chill today (sort of.... got dishes, laundry and another room to tackle today....trying to do one room a day if I can - thank God our house is small, lol - but it sure is a horrible mess), plan on being gone all day tomorrow; then on Wednesday, vegetate and recouperate and hibernate. :-)


Mark said...

Thanks for your comment our blog - hopefully something I wrote about the unemployment process was useful.

Wow. You're in a really tough situation. I know you've probably read lots and lots of 'tips' that you should be doing now - but hopefully the unemployment checks will kick in... and you can pay half of your bills and at least eat... barely.

I hope you find something soon - oh, and when you do start getting your checks, until you find a job again... keep thinking of all of the ummmm 'under the table' methods of earning money... like well... selling stuff if it gets that bad.

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