Monday, November 03, 2008

Update On My Missing Kids!

Too tired to go into detail, so y'all get the "in a nutshell" version (all two of y'all out there... *listening to crickets chirp*):

Called cops, said, "Hey, my kids didn't make it to school even tho they left at six to get on the bus like always and they aren't home - HELP!"

Three cop cars arrived in minutes in my driveway. After saying, "Hey, we were here when y'all got this house [from the now-defunct reality show, HomeTeam], cool!" (Great..... Local Semi-Former-Celebrity-Drama, ripe for the picking....shoot me please, I don't wanna be in the police blotter part of the local paper.....) Said they had SEEN the varmints earlier in the day, hollered at them (via the P.A. system on the cop car) to "GET YOUR BUTTS IN SCHOOL!!! NOW!!!" at which time they ran. Advised cops that kids were being exceptionally rebellious lately, blah blah blah, at wits' end, blah blah blah...they said not to worry, kids would most likely be home at their normal time and pretend like they'd been at school the whole time. They told me to act like nothing was wrong, but to sneak out and call them when they arrived home and they'd come assist in inflicting The Wrath of God (which I specifically told them I wanted - fire, brimstone, tar, feathers, you name it... I told the cops that I wanted them to SCARE THE LIVING CRAP outta the kids for doing such a stupid stunt).

Kids come home about 15 mins. before their bus would normally arrive. I cheerily said, "Welcome home, guys - how was school?"


"Really? Interesting how?"


Uh-huh.... off I went to call cops, on pretense of "checking the mail."

At this time, a neighbor came up to me - "OMG, have you found your kids yet????? I heard it on our police scanner... I'm [name] and I know who you are cuz I saw you on TV last year and..." (here's where I wanted to crawl under a rock and die, LOL... figured (hoped!) everyone forgot about that by now, LOL!). Anyway, she was really nice and was also having problems with HER 14 year old. She actually told the cops, "Hey, when you are done with them, can you come have a nice chat with MY kid, too??" LOL Told her as we were going on the house, LOL - "glad we could help ya!" ;-)

Anyway - cops proceed to very thoroughly ream children and scare the living CRAP out of them. Well, not so much my son. He continued to have BAD ATTITUDE with a captial B and mouth off to the cops, very UNrepentant, just bad. Cops were NOT amused. Neither was I. My daughter seemed legitimately terrified and sorry. Good. They didn't really MEAN to skip school, it was all an ACCIDENT cuz they missed the bus and didn't wanna get in trouble. Um, might I say (and the cop DID say) Bravo Sierra! (Only, of course, he used the actual words and not the more polite abbreviation, hehe.) For not wanting to get in trouble, they sure did manage to get in a world of it!

After cops left, suddenly daughter was REMARKABLY helpful and obedient for the first time in a looonggg time. Funny how that happens, huh? Son...not so much. Still very defiant, refusing to do anything he's told, etc... Highly PO'd.

That varmint is a stubborn one...but guess who he inhereted his stubbornness from?! *evil grin* Nope, that's just NOT gonna go in my house....a lead balloon would fly better than that crap. Fed up - they're gonna learn A Very Big Lesson now.

So - tomorrow will be more "chats" with the school resource officers at their various schools along with the school's implementation of Very Severe Disciplinary Measures (in addition to whatever we are concocting... so far, "grounded for life" is on the list.....So far as I know, this is the first time they've done this. By God, I'm going to do everything in my power to see that it's the LAST! No "kids will be kids" here - they are SO gonna learn that this is NOT freakin' acceptable, and Mama Kat don't play that.. Notta chance. Grrr!

On the bright side, they are home SAFELY in one piece (now fully immersed in Very Hot Water and Deep Doo-Doo!).

Tomorrow's list of Things to Do: Vote, Unemployment, whatever the school needs us to do.

At least being so mad/scared/worried/furious gave me the extra energy I needed today to get my other room clean. I now have a clean living room, clean dining room, and a 90% clean kitchen. house is getting back to livable and pleasant again. Well, except for the drama. But at least, it's nearly clean again. Yay!

Nighty-night, y'all... have a good one. And for God's sake, BEHAVE! I have enough trouble to worry about at the moment, lol.


DNR said...

Holy crap!!

Thank God my kids didn't (that I know of) skip school. I would have beat their lilly arses! I think they believed it, which helped.

Praying for a great job for you today!


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