Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scared Spitless

This is the scariest Halloween ever: It's my last day of work.

Final paycheck - do I pay the car payments and utility bills (ALL of which were due on the 14th) and buy food? Or do I pay the mortgage and lose the cars? And wonder about food?

I'm so scared I can't even see straight.

NO - repeat NO family support WHATSOEVER. Emotionally or otherwise. Exact opposite, in fact, to the extreme.

NO credit. (thanx, ten billion co-pays since June for my "sprained" knee, surgery and extended recovery period beyond what my disability coverage was for....)

NO savings (thanx, ten billion co-pays since June, surgery and extended recovery period.....)

NO anything at all.

And though I've been sending out my resume for WEEKS, even before I had my surgery, I've had NO job leads - NONE. My firm is not the only one laying off in the ATL - many others are, too.

I just want to go to sleep and not wake up.



yourworstnightmare said...

So where is your paypal button?

DNR said...

I don't know what else to say Kat.

but I do agree wiht ywnm, you need a button.

AirmanMom said...

Stay Strong!
Pray Hard!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

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