Saturday, November 01, 2008

OK, A Little Better.....

Finally, today I feel a little bit more human. The antibiotics must be working! I'm still achey-feeling, my throat is still sore a bit, but I'm not coughing up a lung every five minutes like I was before. More like every 20-30 mins, lol. Still coughing, still very phlegm-y, but my chest isn't aching quite as badly as it was yesterday, my pulse isn't racing today, and I'm not feeling so much like I'm breathing under water. I'm definitely not anywhere close to 100% yet, BUT I do feel significantly more human today than I have for a week. This makes me VERY happy! Maybe I'll eat something today - and maybe even it'll have flavor??? LOL! Dontcha love how when you're sick, everything tastes like cardboard??? I've been making myself eat soup, soft pasta, etc, because it makes my sore throat feel better, but it's all tasted like old cardboard. Not that I know exactly what old carboard would taste like, exactly, but still.

I spent the day so far today making a million calls. Financial/credit counselling people. Mortgage company. Car finance places. Over and over repeating the pitiful spiel - I was out of work for six weeks due to knee surgery, didn't get a paycheck on 10/15 (well, $200 but with six people to feed in the house, that barely counts), got laid off yesterday, can't buy groceries, yadda yadda yadda. I've been in tight spots before, but NEVER this bad. Hubby is working two part-time jobs (the idea being that the one new part-time job will turn into a real full-time job - the other job is very unreliable and he's almost ALWAYS paid several days LATE...infuriating) but that only would pay for groceries, one or two small bills, gas for the cars. Very vital, of course- but not enough for us to live on. My check carried everything else - mortgage, car payment, utilities, student loans, the works. Now my check is gone, poof... and there's NOTHING, no backup, no safety net, blah blah blah (see prior post, lol). Scary. Very scary. Never, ever been in a spot like this before. The car payment folks most likely can put my Oct. car payment (that was due on 10/23) to the end of the loan (pending upper management approval, but never been late so it should be ok), BUT I'll HAVE to make the 11/23 car payment ON TIME. Three weeks. No job. Yikes. Hopefully, in three weeks I'll have a job, etc. :) But whatever - I'll do what I can do and God will work it out somehow.

I feel a LOT better since I broke down and called the mortgage company and explained the situation. I had EXACTLY enough to pay the mortgage - but if I paid the mortgage, that would completely and totally wipe us out. Literally to the last dime. And we seriously have NO groceries. And the car insurance payment comes out of the bank account next week automatically. Did I mention, NO groceries???? Anyway, since I've never ever ever been late before, and I called them before this payment was late, it's all good. I filled out the paperwork to request hardship assistance. This should get me a two-or-three-month forbearance, during which payments would be put "on hold," OR it will put a couple months of payments at the end of the mortgage loan and help that way. I guess that's kinda like the same thing two different ways, lol, but whatever. Of course, it takes like a MONTH for someone to contact you after you send in the paperwork, but since I called them, it's all good for the moment. They were very reassuring and very helpful. So, i feel better now. Hopefully, by the time they finally contact me to work out the deferment/forbearance, I'll have a job. Course, I've been looking for weeks already, but I'm just not going to think about that right now. Somewhere in Atlanta, some lawyer needs a darn good secretary, so I won't be unemployed much longer. I just hope I can find something that will pay enough...that's the scary part. With my recent knee surgeryand the problems I have with my feet, I can't stand long periods of time - taking a part-time waitressing job or Walmart job to supplement my income is OUT. Physically, I just can't do it. That's very frustrating, having that option closed to me, but luckily I LOATHE waitressing and retail work - do NOT have the personality or patience (or speed and coordination, lol) for it. But still, if I had to and could do it, I would. But again, whatever. I can only do what I can do at the moment.
Anyway, now I've got to figure out one more bill and figure out groceries (Angel Food Ministries, St. Vincent de Paul Society, etc), and I'm done for the day. Monday is the Journey to the Unemployment Office - another scary first!!!!! From my research, I've found the Georgia is woefully inefficient with processing claims - it will be about a MONTH before I get my first payment. And that will be a small pitance each week. But it's better than ZERO each week! :) Oh, and I'll have to see about getting insurance for the kids. Three of the four are on expensive medications each month that they need...and what if they get sick???

I hope on Monday I'm fully recovered from this bronchitis thing... just sitting here in one spot making phone calls has done me in. Ack!

But, it was worth it... things are OK-ish for right this second. One step at a time, one minute at a time. And God is good - ALL the time!


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