Sunday, October 19, 2008

Operation Love From Home Update 10-19-08

Yesterday, Operation Love From Home participated in the annual "Loganfest" community festival. It was a resoundingly HUMONGOUS success! We collected 1,194 cards for our heroes in that ONE DAY alone, and between selling t-shirts/bracelets/hats and getting outright donations from folks, we raised $305 towards postage and supplies!!!! (that's huge...last year, mailing 27,000 cards cost us about $800 -- since we are doubling the goal this year, postage will be more expensive, as well. More cards = more shipping!).

Will finish counting the cards picked up at the post office over the weekend soon, and post our grand total so far ASAP. (Note: the totals reflect the number of cards we actually have in our possession - not including the number of folks who "have xx amount of cards and will send soon.")

We still have a long, long way to go to get to our goal of 50,000 cards, though... but we can do it! :)


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