Monday, October 13, 2008

Walking, Working & Wondering....

Well, I've got good news, good news, and bad news.

Good news: NO MORE WHEELCHAIR! (I'm up and walking around again (with my trusty cane, of course) and healing well. 2 more months of physical therapy, and i'm good to go. Woohoo! I've been walking since Wednesday the 8th. My leg is still weak and shakey, but is getting stronger every day. I can't bend or straighten my leg all the way just yet, but it's getting there. Pain isn't too bad, but at the end of the day, my knee is swollen up quite a bit. Thank God for ice packs and pain killers, lol. ;)

Good news: Today, I am back at work in my office, happy to be feeling like a normal human being again (Hey, I heard that! Normal for "me" anyway, lol). Things here are really, really, really slowwwww........ slow to the extreme. Hence why I'm able to pop in here and remind everyone I'm still alive, LOL... I'm not busy even a little bit. Which leads to...

Bad news: I'm back at work this week, but Friday is my last day. [Edit - thank God, they extended my last day to 10/31, so that helps some!] See aforementioned slowness of work, which leads to layoffs, of which I am one of the unlucky ones. More layoffs will be coming down in the weeks to come. Have been sending out my resume and meeting with headhunters and such since I was granted permission by the doc to walk last Wednesday, but it's ugly out there and while I know I'll find something, it may take a minute or two. Honestly, right now we are in a really, really bad way... we won't have our car payments this month, only able to pay one utility bill and buy groceries, even with hubby's check. I'm definitely applying for unemployment this week, so that will be something, but, never having gotten unemployment before, I don't know how long it all takes to process, etc. Ugh. But, God will provide and see us thru, of that I have no doubt. Just keep us in your prayers, y'all...we sure do need 'em.

So, that's my lill update from our corner of the world. My laptop is still dead, so my internet access is sporadic when I'm if I'm not posting, it doesn't mean I don't care, just means I can't get online, LOL!


Kathi said...

Keeping y'all in my prayers,dear!

Georgia Blogger