Sunday, February 03, 2008

Home Safe...

Back home, actually been back home since about 2:00 or so. Today's mission went very was heartbreaking, as always.... I hate to have to miss the funeral tomorrow, but I have to work, soo.... :( I'll be there in spirit, for sure.

I learned all sorts of fun things about 30-degree weather and the wind chill factor that a moving motorcycle zipping down the highway creates, haha...... luckily my super-duper ultra-heavy leather jacket is super warm, thank God... my legs froze off, but the rest of me was ok! ;) And coming home, it had warmed up to the low 60s, so the ride home was nice. :-)

The kids are in the living room watching a movie... hubby has gone to a superbowl party at his parents... I am seriously in the doghouse for not going to said superbowl party (I thought it would be kinda pointless, since I HATE FOOTBALL!!!!!) but apparently, the fact that I hate football and do not want to attend is a major offense to the entire rest of the family, and I'm going to seriously PAY FOR IT for weeks, if not months, to come. But whatever.... I'm so planning on being sound asleep way before the game is over... 5 a.m. comes REAL early, and I'm still exhausted from the all-night packing & shipping event Friday... just totally wiped out. Whether or not I got up early or slept late this morning is totally irrelevant in terms of what time I intend on being asleep tonight..... and that would be, darn early, I hope! LOL!

Have a good sunday....


k said...

Sleep, woman. Rest rest rest.

I hate football too. I'd totally forgotten about it today. I was out gardening most of the day and the neighborhood was so strangely quiet, in a way it usually isn't: there were no dog walkers, almost no traffic. No faint sounds of music...

Where I live is nicely quiet but this was different. I was really puzzled.

Then I splurged when I shouldn't and went to Lotus Chinese Kitchen for my REward dinner after working so hard outside. And I said how quiet it was, in the restaurant too. And they told me.

Surprise surprise! HA! You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Years ago, I made a sort of *duty* phone call to a second cousin who was like an uncle, growing up. I don't like him much, he was a real jerk to us kids, with his mean teasing and haha NOT funny little jokes. But he lived in Boca, not far from me in Pompano Beach, and I felt it was time to call him up - he had a heart condition.

It was Superbowl Sunday. And this guy and his WHOLE family are football NUTS.

I never heard the end of that one. *Yeah, nobody but k would have done something like that...*

I never called him again. He passed away a few years ago. I did go to part of his funeral send-off, for the sake of his oldest son, who has Down syndrome.

Vic Jr. wouldn't understand if I didn't go. I just can't manage events because of the health issues. But his kids were having a sort of party, gathering at a boat to go scatter his ashes. So I met them by the docked boat, and visited for a while.

Home safe. Be safe and rest, now. There's nothing wrong about not liking football and needing to rest. That's just life. Everyone is different that way.

I expect you're far better to those football loving inlaws than I was to Vic Sr.

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