Monday, January 28, 2008

More cortisone shots...

Oh joy... I left work today for another round of cortisone injections in my feet. Well, foot, actually... Doc wouldn't do BOTH of them - said "that much" cortisone in my system would make me have super-bad insomnia (worse than I already do, you mean?!) and I'd hate him forever, lol. Soo... my right foot (the worst, most painful one) got a big huge shot of cortisone... I could tell an almost immediate improvement. Hopefully, this time around, I'll be pain-free longer than six weeks. I go back on March 10, and hopefully he'll be able to inject the other foot and thusly completely eliminate any and all pain! Unless my right foot is still in unbearable pain if the cortisone wears off... then back to square one. ack. I'd REALLY like to avoid foot surgery, ya know?! Ack!

All prayers appreciated please... it's really crippling my life to be, well, semi-crippled! :(


k said...

Oh, kat. I'm so sorry it's gotten this bad.

Another health thing we have in common.

Are they monitoring the *fat pads* in your feet? I don't know how long you've been getting the shots, but I did hear, a few years ago, that they can start to erode after only a few cortisone shots. My RA doc was doing them, not a podiatrist; and I always take his *cortisone* comments with a grain of salt, because he just sort of rabidly hates steroids for anything.

But there were times I went into his office when I literally could not stand or walk without actually crying from the pain.

Now that I have to spend so much time using the scooter intead of my own two feet, it helps a lot. And that's really mostly for keeping the MRSA from reinfecting my left foot.

But despite that, some really high-grade paid meds and anti-imflammatories and neuropathy meds and everything like that? The other day, they were getting so bad again that I pulled out my trusty old fasciitis night splint.

I only have one not two, and they don't help everyone. But I'm lucky with them, they help me. I alternate my feet, one night right foot, the other night left...

I'm sending you all the positive energies I can. I hope hope hope these shots help you for longer, this time.

I don't want the surgery either. But I do hear it can make a big difference. If it comes to that, I hope it works out for you.

Keep us posted, okay?

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