Sunday, January 27, 2008

Busy weekend...

Boy this weekend was busy! Saturday, I slept till about 10 or so (between the cough meds for the bronchitis and a tylenol pm for a headache, I was sleeping reallllllly good!). Then I had to run by the post office (yay! More Valentine's cards for troops! HOOAH!), and after that, to my eye doctor's office... my new glasses were supposed to be in yet. "SUPPOSED TO BE" being the key phrase here, haha. Nope, not in yet... they "should" arrive sometime this week. The lenses had to be special-ordered for me... my eyes are weird, apparently. :-/

Immediately after the eye doc, I drove into work in Atlanta (about an hour trip). We have a huge trial coming up on 2/4... and I've been going in early, staying late, and worked this past Saturday for 4 1/2 hours. Tomorrow, I am going in real early, but leaving at 2:30 for an appt. with my podiatrist... time to get more cortisone shots in my feet. Hopefully they'll work, at least for a time, so I can STAND without all kinds of pain. Last time, they only worked about six weeks before it all wore off and I was in just as much pain as before. Funny how I used to take such a simple thing like STANDING for granted! Ack! Never again!

Anyway, getting ahead of myself here. Today, we went to church, of course... and after lunch, I took the van to get the oil changed and get a haircut. Gotta say I'm happy as a clam about my new haircut. My hair had a billion split ends and was uneven lenghts.. mostly it was about half-way down my back, but as I said, it was very uneven and frizzy at the ends. Blech. Been trying to get it cut for a couple months now, but never found the time to do it. Well, they chopped off a bunch of it... It's shorter than I like, but it's all the same length now...nice & even! It's not "short" really - about an inch, maybe two, past my shoulders. They also did a few long layers in it, so it has more fluff now, instead of laying there flat like brown string.

Speaking of brown, now that my hair is a nice, even, manageable length, I colored it again tonight and magically made all that gray disappear! Yay! :) I actually dyed it back to my natural color - dark brown. Or rather, what my natural color would be if I wasn't 50% gray already! ack! Usually I go between brown and various shades of auburn/reddish tones. depends on my mood. :) Usually winter months I stay with brown, & summer is the more reddish colors. :)

We tried to go to a special "Building Dedication Service" at church tonight... there was no childcare for the little kids, and it wasn't long before they were being too whiney and cranky... we exited at the first possible chance and came back home.

And now... off to la-la land for me... G'night y'all... have a good monday.


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