Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome, BlogTalkRadio Listeners!

A huge welcome to any listeners of BlogTalkRadio who happened to wander over here after tonight's Andrea Shea King show!!! :) (Special thanks to David Marron of The Thunder Run for the on-air mention of Operation: Love From Home!)

This blog has been somewhat slow this past month... I've been adjusting to a new schedule - working for three attorneys & one paralegal, going to college four nights a week, have a hubby & four kids (five including the dog, haha), and working finding time to blog, hahaha! I'm getting back into the swing of things, however, and plan on being around more often ~ especially now that the Christmas card drive is getting started! Stay tuned here for regular progress updates and other random writings. :)


Andrea Shea King said...


I love your site. And I can't believe how busy you are yet still manage to do what you do for our troops.

May God bless you richly for the heart you have. (I think He already has!)

The Radio Patriot

Georgia Blogger