Monday, September 24, 2007

Vivid Dreams....

[Warning: Not a Nice Dream, slightly graphic]

It is rare that I dream, and even rarer still that I remember them. But (having just woke up), this time I do remember... and have to wonder what would have happened if the alarm clock hadn't so rudely awakened me. Maybe, probably, I don't want to know.

I dreamed I was "over there" -- in the middle of the war. Not sure if it was "this" war or a past war or just some fictitious war my brain made up while I was asleep, but I was there. I was not a soldier (even in dreams, I'm still a wimp! ha!) but I was either a contractor or a reporter or something -- i think I was a contractor. There was a blonde girl with me who reminded me of a friend of mine, but it wasn't her.

It was very vivid. I remember the area we were at being bombed ~ explosions off and on all night.

I remember I was in a vehicle or shelter of some kind, trying to sleep. The weird thing is, that just for this part, my hubby was there. He was in the back part of the vehicle or shelter, by the wall -- I was squished up to the outter edge of whatever we were in. (when the alarm when off,I was, in fact, on the very edge of the bed, hanging half off, haha.) His arm was around me, but I was still hanging half out of whatever it was we were in. The thought crossed my mind that I was very easily kindnap-able in this particular situation, very exposed to danger.

Less than a fifty or a hundred feet in front of me was a flatbed 18-wheeler truck (hey, it's a dream, it doesn't have to make sense) with a big container on the back. There was a soldier on the flatbed, fiddling with the container and such (he was wearing GREEN camouflage, I noticed, not desert camo or the new multi-environment digital camo; even weirder is that we were apparently in a desert, for the most part?! Though there were trees and such around... I dunno... a hybrid desert/jungle?! Weird.). Suddenly, a rocket came in and obliterated the 18-wheeler - poof, it was gone. I saw the explosion, but even being so close felt no ill effects of it - no flying debris, no heat, no anything (dreams...weird). Just one minute the truck & soldier were there, and the next they were gone, erased off the face of the earth. In my dream, I eventually started to wonder if perhaps I'd dreamed the whole incident - the palm tree directly in front of me was virtually unharmed. It was dark, night, and the shelling had stopped mostly, though I heard sporadic gunfire continue off & on throughout the night as I tried to sleep.

Then I heard the thump-thump-thump of a helicopter, and it was nearly morning. The eerie pre-dawn twilight, to be exact. My friend and I climbed aboard the helo to go wherever we had to go next. As we rose over the battlefield, I saw clearly I hadn't dreamed the tractor-trailer blowing up (in my dream) -- below us was the perfectly-outlined shape of an 18-wheeler (with a deep crater in the exact middle of the outline). All that remained of the soldier was his legs.

My alarm went off.

I woke up.

And now I've got to run out to catch the bus to work.

I need coffee.


Sarge Charlie said...

you do have vivid dreams........

Sarge Charlie said...

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