Monday, April 30, 2007

Operation: Thanks For Freedom in the News

Another wonderful article has been written about Operation: Thanks for Freedom! This appeared in the Sunday edition of the Gwinnett Daily Post.

Sending letters shows troops your support


James M. Foote of Buford wrote a poignant letter to the editor on April 11. He called to task people who claim to support our troops, and presented a 12-point “prove-it” test so people can judge for themselves just how much they are really doing to support the troops.

Read the rest HERE.....

I don't have an "exact" number to update everyone with of the cards collected so far - I'm still in the process of reading & counting them. My guesstimation is that I have slightly less than 400 towards the goal of 5,000 or more. My trip to the post office today again left me walking away empty-handed. However, I know there are folks all over the country working on this and along with the above article, word is getting out, and that will soon change! :) The first 3 weeks are always slow - things pick up exponentially after that. :)

Saturday, I had a booth at a local community festival, Grayson Days. In five hours, all the 300+ cards I'd brought with me were signed, and folks still asking for more! Awesome! Next weekend will be a long one -- I'll be appearing at the Snellville Days festival, which is a MAJOR, two-day event. I anticipate getting SEVERAL hundred cards each day (hopefully, they put our booth in a good spot - that will determine a lot!). Keep your fingers crossed and say a few prayers!


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