Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Just got a call from my hubby a little while ago. My aunt (the one who was interviewed in the HomeTeam show talking about why I adopt soldiers & stuff) just called him at home. Her husband, my uncle, had "a few" heart attacks and is right now in the ICU of St. Joseph Hospital waiting for a MULTIPLE bypass surgery. She said that anywhere from 3-5 bypasses will be done... several of his arteries are clogged, one especially badly. So... please pray! I vaguely remember as a small child hearing stories about how, decades before I was born, Uncle John was a cook in the Army, which for some reason i'd forgotten about till just now. Anyway, prayers are appreciated. Thankfully, both my Aunt and my Uncle are both Christians and know the Lord very well... that helps.


Dustin said...

I'm Praying!!!

Dazd said...

Prayers being sent now!

Cat is my copilot said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle's cardiac problems. Please know that your entire family is in my prayers and daily thoughts, and that I am also praying for those surrounding your Uncle to do everything possible to help him heal and recover quickly. :) Take care, Kat!

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