Friday, March 02, 2007

HOMETEAM update/airinig schedule

From the HomeTeam Website:
Recipients: Kathy and Jeff Orr
Atlanta, GA

Original Air Date: March 2007

With 'top secret' emails flying and confidential messages being posted on internet bulletin boards to rally support, HomeTeam witnessed one of its most exceptional turnouts ever: hundreds of people volunteered to renovate a first home for Atlanta residents Kathy and Jeff Orr. And somehow, despite the buzz and massive involvement from the community, it all remained a surprise - right up until Kathy saw the HomeTeam bus parked in front of what must be her new home. Continue reading (and see pictures!) here:
HOMETEAM: Airing Schedule

Dish Network

(WGNSAT) Channel 239
Sat 3/3 12:00 PM

(WGNSAT) Channel 881
Sat 3/3 12:00 PM

(WXIA) Channel 5731
Mon 3/5 12:35 AM

(WXIA) Channel 8302
Mon 3/5 12:35 AM

(WABC) Channel 8100
Mon 3/5 1:35 AM

Bellsouth Cable

(WGNSAT) Channel 13
Sat 3/3 12:00 PM

(WXIA) Channel 6
Mon 3/5 12:35 AM

Comcast (Winder)

(WGNSAT) Channel 24
Sat 3/3 12:00 PM

(WXIA) Channel 11
Mon 3/5 12:35 AM

Direct TV

(WGNSAT) Channel 307
Sat 3/3 12:00 PM

(WXIA) Channel 11 Channel 982
Mon 3/5 12:35 AM

(WABCDT) Channel 86
Mon 3/5 1:35 AM

(WABC) Channel 386
Mon 3/5 1:35 AM

Sorry I've been non-existant lately -- been slammed at work and at home and going nuts...


Snog Dot said...

Thanks for the update and glad you're back!

NOTR said...

Sadly the link takes you to a login screen.

Anonymous said...

Bummer--they showed a different episode today. But the weird thing, Kat, is that all of the commercials were from YOUR show. Someone must have messed up! Bummer..... :(

DNR said...

Got it recorded on the DVR. (Home Team is on at 12 am and 3 am here) got to watch about 10 min Sunday afternoon. I hope to finish it tonight. I am so happy for you Kat!! Congratulations again!!

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