Monday, February 12, 2007

My weekend

EDIT: THIS JUST IN --- CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE STILL MORE PICTURES OF OUR NEW HOUSE AND THE "SURPRISES" THAT HAPPENED THAT DAY! This is a link to the Georgia PGR Photo Album... there are a few of the house & the surprise & all, and many, many more of us meeting in the Walmart parking lot before the surprise - you know, back when I still had no clue what was going on! :)
Boy oh boy will I be glad when I have internet service at our house!!! It's supposed to be hooked up tomorrow - along with the cable and the phone! :) After that, the only thing not in our name yet is the mortgage, haha -- and I'm working on that! The sooner it's in my name, the better, because HomeTeam pays the mortgage for the first year. That means the sooner it's in my name, the better it is for me & my credit -- in essence, they pay the mortgage and subsequently build MY credit for the next 11 months!!!! Then, come February, 2008, I'll start paying it myself for the next 29 years or so, haha. Anyway, I'm eager to get the whole mortgage thing over & done with so I don't have to worry about it anymore!
Anyway, Saturday was my birthday - I'm 34 now - YIKES!!!!! I had a "surprise" party that my 5 year old told me about earlier that morning, haha!!!! It was so cool to be able to actually HAVE PEOPLE OVER... for 3 1/2 years, we almost never had more than one or two people over (and even that was extremely rare!) because there was just NO ROOM to have ANYONE over, ever ~ not to mention, our old place was soooo small, and therefore SOOOOOOOOOO cluttered I just hated having anyone see the place. It was just plain embarrassing! Anyway, I had a surprise party and several folks stopped by, including our pastor, who prayed and "officially" blessed the house for us. :) Hubby told everyone that they did not have to buy me any gifts (I mean, duh... all the people who showed up had been folks who worked on the house...the best gift of all!!!!!) but if they insisted, he told them to buy me STAMPS to write to my soldiers. Well, several of them did!!! I ended up with about 250 stamps, which is roughly a six-month supply. :) Yay!!! THANKS EVERYONE!!!! :-)
Sunday we went to church and then out to lunch at a local BBQ place. Then, later that evening, we went and picked up our very first family pet!!!! A friend of ours had to get rid of her kitty cat because her significant other is allergic to them...and it just so happens that one of the first things I wanted to get for our new house... was a kitty cat! :) So, yesterday, we became the happy & proud property (as if a cat would ever have "owners!" Ha!) of a black cat named Salem (and yes, Maeve... the friend who gave her to is a practicing witch!). Salem is SO pretty - almost pure black, except for a few white hairs at her throat... I mean, like 7 or 8 white hairs, haha - just a very few. She has big, bright green eyes. Oh yeah - and she has an extra toe on each of her front paws... essentially, she has "thumbs!" And when she was playing with her new kitty toys last night, hubby noticed that she actually uses her extra toes as if they were thumbs. Pretty cool, huh? :) Anyway, she was settling in nicely and ultimately slept most of the night on or under the 13 year-old's bed. :)
And that's about all, folks!
Have a fun day!


kdzu said...

Happy Birthday Kat. Had I but known, would have acknowledged earlier.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when the show is going to be broadcast? How do I find out when it's going to be on in Chicago??
Vicki G

Maeve said...

Those pictures brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am so happy for you and your family.

Georgia Blogger