Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I signed on the dotted line...

Yep, I did it... I joined up with Weight Watchers At Work today!!!! My firm offers this every 17 weeks... they let you make small payments via payroll deduction and if you don't miss more than four meetings, they will reimburse you a full 50% of the fees you paid. Not a bad deal at all, I think. I have no idea how much I weigh - our scale at home has an almost-dead battery and besides that - I don't want to know, haha! I know I'm about four sizes larger than I want to be, which translates into approximately 50 (if not more) pounds. Today, I went to the "informational meeting" and signed the paperwork, turned in my payroll deduction authorization, etc. NEXT Wednesday is when the fun REALLY begins (note sarcasm, haha!). Next week will begin the dreaded "weigh-in" to see what my "start" weight is, and figure out what I "should" weigh to be healthy, happy, and skinny enough to be happy about summer approaching, haha! :-) I will, of course, keep y'all posted as I go through this journey... cuz it's my blog and I can do that, hahahaha! ;-) Of course, my main problem is lack of willpower... or maybe TOO much will power, as in, "I WILL eat that extra donut....." ha!
What prompted this, you might ask. Well, recently, hubby and I drove to visit some friends of ours and, of course, took tons of pictures. When I saw myself in those pics, I just about died... ugh! See, I had visited up there last year with a friend of mine, and took lots of pics, then, too. When I compared LAST YEAR'S pictures to THIS YEAR'S pictures... well, I was NOT a happy Kat at all! I wasn't "skinny" last year, but I sure as heck wasn't as FAT as I am now!!! The unpleasant increase in weight between November of 2005 and November of 2006 was VERY easy to see! Ack! Nope, not a happy Kat AT ALL! Nope, this just won't do a'tall. So... darn it, I'm gonna do something about it, starting NOW! Well, OK, starting next Wednesday, Jan. 17. :)
Wish me luck & say some prayers - God knows I need it!


DNR said...

Just before th4e weigh in, eat lots and stay out of the rest room. that way you have a real 'high' number to start from.

Good luck Kat!! I need to do the same thing, wish my co would pay us back for loosing weight.

Kat said...

LOL -- Unfortunately for me, I already have a pretty high number to start with, I'm sure! ack! LOL!

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