Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday's Feast

If you could take lessons to learn any musical instrument, which would you want to learn?

I'd learn to play the violin. I've always wanted to! :) I took piano and flute lessons as a kid...I'd love to re-learn those, as well.

Have you ever mistaken a person for someone else?

Yep.... when my friend Janis called me a while back, she used her husband's cell phone... so I thought it was Norris... so I'm going on & on with, "How are you feeling? When are you going back up to Walter Reed? how's Janis?" etc... till poor Janis was like, "Kat... this IS Janis!" Duh..... 'scuse me while I crawl under a rock & die, OK? LOL! (sorry Janis! Again!)

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how well do you keep secrets?

9.5! One of my most FAVORITE things to do is plan sneaky SURPRISES for people... the more elaborate, the better... whether it be a surprise "kidnapping" & getaway in the mountains for hubby, a scrapbook for a homesick soldier or who knows what else... I'm usually up to something that involves the words "top-secret, on-a-need-to-know-basis!!!"

Main Course
What's the closest you've ever been to a dangerous animal?

do my kids count? No? Ummm... good question.... I was only a few inches away from a black widow spider a several years ago -- I saw it right before I almost (ALMOST!) put my arm down on it! Yikes!

When was the last time you lost your patience?

Not yet today... gimme a little while and I'm sure it won't be too much longer. Patience is a virtue... that I DON'T have! Ack!


amy said...

I love sneaky surpises as well.What a nice feast you served..Stop over and visit my blog as well if you get the chance

Sarge Charlie said...

What a feast, I love your music you know, of course you knew that.

Georgia Blogger