Sunday, December 17, 2006


Found out I got a B on my Comparative Religions final exam!!!!!!! Adding up all my grades, etc., from the semester, I'm in solid "A" range still!! Whew! I was SO relieved once I found that out... I thought I'd done extremely poorly on the Religion final, since I'd had a horrible, horrible headache all that day, combined with stress & other "stuff" so that I could barely think straight. I'm glad I didn't do as badly as I thought I did. :)

As far as my Historical Geology final, I KNOW exactly how bad I did on that test, since they give you your grade right away (all done on computer at the campus testing center). I haven't done that poorly on any test since college algebra, a couple years ago. Due, again, to the aforementioned headache/extreme stress. In fact, I did so poorly on that final, I'm not even gonna tell you my grade. Thankfully, the rest of the semester I got all A's & B's, so I'm hopefull that I can still manage to get a "C" in the class. Final grade won't be posted till later this week... I'm totally on pins & needles.... No more science classes online for me, haha! Actually, it wouldn't have been too bad, if I'd just been able to study & think straight the day of the exam... but I was in a world of hurt that day & that just didn't happen. Oh well... life goes on. :)


Snog Dot said...

I wish I had your energy. Can I borrow a little?

Kat said...

Energy? Dude... i'm exhausted beyond all recognition... completely wiped out, burnt out, on the verge of collapse and/or a nervous breakdown, etc. But whatever energy I got left, you are sure welcome to it - cuz lord knows, you need it far worse than I do right now!!! (((hugs))) & prayers

chtrbx said...

Hey Kat you're doing great!!!

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