Saturday, December 23, 2006

Meeting more heroes...

Yippee - getting a cool christmas present today -- we get to meet two more heroes!!!!! :-) These aren't any of "my"adopted soldiers that our family adopted personally - but they are the brother & cousin of a friend of ours. Their family is having a community WELCOME HOME! party for them, and of course we'll be there! I'm all excited - never pass up an opportunity to tell our heroes THANKS! I ran by Party City (traffic was pretty AWFUL, seeing as how it's the day before Christmas Eve) and grabbed a welcome home banner, a few balloons, a couple decorations, and am currently finishing up baking a batch of cookies to bring along with us. The party is at 7 tonight, and I'm supposed to be there at 6 to help set up. :-) Yay! So excited - can't wait!
Can't think of a better way to start off this Christmas weekend! You know the saying:
Only two have been willing to die for you:
Jesus Christ
The American Soldier.
Thank them both today.
So, we are definitely takin' care of part two of that saying tonight!! :)
Will be takin' pics, of course! :)


Maeve said...

Give them extra hugs & kisses for me!!!!

Georgia Blogger