Friday, December 22, 2006

~Christmas Weekend!~


Well, thank God it's finally Friday, and the work week will soon be OVER! I'm in such need of a vacation... I'm just exhausted, still. This whole month has been hectic beyond belief for me - well, me and a few billion other people in the world, haha! Anyway, it's Christmas weekend. Somehow, I'm just not in a very Christmassy mood, though... can't shake the "blahs" I've got. Normally I ADORE Christmas and everything associated with it, but this year, it's more like: "I can't wait till this is OVER!" Of course, Christmas day is the obligatory family get-together at the inlaws' house... which drags on forever and ever.... the kids have fun, of course, which is the most important thing. :-) But I'm still dreading it. I also have a gazillion Christmas gifts to wrap between now & Sunday night, too.

January 8 is the beginning of the Spring semester of college - yet another event I'm dreading. I seriously just need a BREAK, a vacation, some peace and QUIET...maybe a bit of "fun" too, but right now, I'd settle for solitude & peace & quiet. Just for a little while.



russkal said...

"Well, thank God it's finally Friday, and the work week will soon be OVER! I'm in such need of a vacation..."

Tell me about it. I'm in desperate need of some R&R too.

Hey, sorry for the late reply (like you, I got stuck in a huge pile of deadlines) and thanks for dropping by.

Have you heard? I won an award!

Maeve said...

To cheer you up even more.
When I recounted my tale of sending porn to a man of the cloth to my friend Lili.
She had to pull over to the side of the road she was laughing so hard. And when she FINALLY calmed down she blurted out "and you have witches, not just for burning as your signature on your emails!!!!" Which sent her in to another hysterical fit of laughter.

DNR said...

I'll be waiting for the cheerful non-whining Kat. Although, I must admit, this one is kinda funny.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Kat said...

Maeve -- ROFLMBO (again, sorry) hahahahahahaha! ;-)

DNR - glad I could provide some amusement for you, hehe! ;-) I slept in till 10:30 this morning, so I'm somewhat rested now. :) YAY!

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