Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Final Grades for Fall Semester

ARGH. Just... ARGH. I got my final grades for the fall semester. As expected, I got an "A" in my Comparative Religions class. Yay! Historical Geology didn't fare so well. Remember I said I got a really, really bad grade on the final, due to having a severe headache that day and not being able to remember ANYTHING? Well, the aforementioned really, really bad grade knocked my geology grade from a low A/high B, down to a "C." (The Pirate is going to be so disappointed in me!) The last time I made a C in anything was in college algebra, about 2 years ago. Worse yet, that "C" knocked my GPA way, way, way down -- it WAS a 3.67... now it's only 3.27. Ack. That's just barely a B (which would be 3.0). Ack again.

Next semester, I'm taking American Literature II and Introduction to Anthropology. No room for mistakes this time around... GOTTA pull that GPA back up... WAY up. This 3.27 stuff just ain't cuttin' it, and ain't makin' me happy.



Helen said...

Oh, don't be sad! I am getting results back from my mock examks tomorrow, so I hope I do well in them! Wish me luck! Well done for the A grade!

Seismic_Pirate said...

mmm. A C is still respectable, though I hate to see that in a geo class;)

Tell you what-my worst final:
Studied ALL night for a bio test, at school. Ran home just b4 the final to shower and grab a sandwich. I fell asleep face down on my half-made sandwich, waking up 5 minutes b4 the test. I ran down to school and into the classroom. When I grabbed the test from my prof, she asked if I pulled an all-nighter. For some reason I lied and said no. She then stood up and pulled a small piece of salami off of my cheek, laughing. I was pretty embarassed and got a D, my worst final ever.

Kat said...

It REALLY ticks me off, because all my test grades were mid-B to high A range, and my two big projects both got a 100.... but this one grade screwed me up SO bad, it knocked me way down. If I'd done better on the final, I would have easily had a B or an A. *sigh*

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