Wednesday, November 22, 2006


OK, y'all better be sitting down for this one! Guess how many Christmas cards are in my living room right this second?! C'mon now... guess! Give up? OK... I'll tell ya... brace yerself:

PLUS three or four boxes of stuffed animals and dollies that will go to a contact of mine who can get them to an orphanage in Afghanistan... and I'll probably send a few over to my Chaplain because I believe he can find a home for a few stuffed critters, too.
I went by the post office tonight after work for the first time in a few days. No mail in my mailbox: just a note that said, "Due to the large volume of mail you have received, please pick up your mail at the postal counter." Of course they were closed so I couldn't. Anyway, I got home and there was a message from the post office on my phone, saying: "PLEASE come pick up your mail, it's overflowing... and also PLEASE consider getting a LARGER PO BOX!" HAHAHAHA! They are so going to hate me, if they don't already... I can't get by there till SATURDAY!!! Poor postal people...!!!!
I'm thinking we'll easily hit 6000 cards (since we've already surpassed the 5,000-card goal) A lady emailed me yesterday and told me she just had just mailed me 500 more cards, PLUS a Spanish teacher had all his classes make up spanish christmas cards... for a total of **810** Spanish Christmas cards altogether there... oops, 500 plus 810 equals more than six thousand... Hmmm.......shall we aim for 7,000?! HAHAHA!
Thanks to EVERYONE who has made and is making this such a huge success!!!!! Stay tuned... we have one week left and I just KNOW I'm gonna be getting a whole SLEW of mail this next week!!!!!!


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