Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Update on Norris Galatas

Just wanted to give you the latest update on our wounded warrior and hero, Norris Galatas! Just got this email from Janis (who is a hero in her own right, in my humble opinion!). Keep them in your prayers for continued good healing, and that Norris gets to stay in the Army - which in spite of having been blown to smithereens and put back together again, he really, really, really, really, REALLY wants to do! HOOAH! NORRIS, YOU ROCK!!!!!!

I'll get started on some Christmas cards for you. Norris is fine. He spent the last two days on the riding lawn mower cutting an acre of grass and now is supervising the concrete crew who are pouring the slab for his shop. I think I've found some folks to finish closing in our barn and MAYBE just maybe they can put up his steel shop building while they are out there! I found them in the Market Bulletin paper I was about to throw away!! God is good. Now I need to build a hay shed to store 400 bales of hay in and Norris needs to get the OK to stay in the Army National Guard....then I can retire and stay home with the horses!! He is healing really good and we went to the fair last night ....just sat around in the lawn chairs and visited with everyone who came by! Fun, Fun. And I ate chicken on a stick with fried pickles and french fries! LOL! He goes back on October 18th for his sleep clinic appointment and then we just wait for the Medical Evaluation Board. Hopefully, he is finished with surgeries unless he wants some plastic surgery to make him a right butt cheek. He says it is like sitting on your padding! Janis


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