Tuesday, October 03, 2006


OK, y'all...you have GOT TO go visit this blog!!!! This is a subject very near & dear to my heart, that I'm always researching about, etc, whenever I have the opportunity. You've just GOT TO visit this mom. The name of the blog is "PTSD Soldier" and it's just what it sounds like -- a mom watching her son grapple with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after returning from the war.

Please... do NOT forget our veterans. Just because they are home, does not mean all things are peachy-keen now...we've GOT TO GOT TO GOT TO stand by them and do everything we can to support them & be there for them -- and their families.

OK, having read snippets of her blog, I'm totally crying now - will go read more. Y'all, please go visit this Mom's blog..and keep this family in your prayers. Below is a snippet from her very first post:

Soldier called me last week (Tuesday) he was in a blind panic and had been for more than 2 hours and was beside himself... having flashbacks to what he imagined it was like when his squad was blown to smitherenes in the IED attack-- they needed DNA to determine for sure who was in the Bradley when it hit the IED...and Soldier knows that and he has had nightmares about it all the time and has since last year... hell -- I'VE had nightmares about it! and he remembers waking up in xxxx and thinking he was going to die that day...


EDIT: A reader left a comment to this post, part of which sums up my feelings perfectly, and is SO true - i Just HAD TO post it up here. Bonnie writes: All Americans would do well to heed the words of I.L. Meagher, editor of PTSD Combat: Winning The War Within - "How loudly we cheered them onward as they laced up their boots has no relevance once they've done their job. It's how well we took care of them when they return that really defines our true moral character." All servicemembers are in my prayers." Bonnie, I could not agree more. Thank you for that quote - I'm certain to use it often. It is SO true.


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