Monday, October 16, 2006

Got a minute? PSA!!!

Reading Tanker Bros blog this morning, I notice that Master Gunner is saying there a few days in the Rolling Victory Fast not signed up for yet.

As some regular (irregular?!) readers here know, on THIS site we totally support the RVF mission, which unlike some 'fasts' has been ongoing for quite a while now. It is our small way to show support for ALL the troops by fasting for 24 hours. As a RVF 'veteran' I can tell you that it really is an easy task compared to what our guys go through every day - day in day out. Unlike the kids in the sandbox, at the end of just one day we can resume our lives, doing what we do, often taking for granted our freedoms.

No pressure (yea - right!) but the following days are still open. If you haven't signed on yet, please consider doing so. I promise you will have lots of support. Many helpful hints are also posted on Soldiers Angels site from other SA who have fasted their way through in the midst of their own challenges.

19 - 22 October
24 - 26 October
1 - 3 November

It occurs to me that November 1 might be a GREAT day to fast ;) After all, most of us (cept those of us allergic to chocolate :( ) will be overblown with all the Halloween goodies.

Just an idea I needed to put out here. Check out the Tanker Bros site (link on the left).

God bless ALL our troops. And a special Kat and Brat flyby for MG brother who is off back to the sandbox in the next few days. *swooooooooosh*

"Some are living and some are gone. In my life I love them all"..^j^


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