Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another PGR "Mission" Tomorrow (10/15)

Sadly, Georgia has lost another hero. Actually, we lost several this week. :( I will be attending the funeral of SPC Justin R. Jarrett, 21, of Jonesboro, GA, with the Patriot Guard Riders tomorrow. This is a very, very long trip... since my car just got out of the shop (after two days & $900 worth of repairs, ouch) and I'm not 100% sure of it's long-trip-ability, one of the other women offered to give me a ride tomorrow. So, I'll be heading off to her house in the morning, and we'll go from there. Round trip, the whole thing is gonna be close to 400 miles all the way thru. I'm all set to go: I got a nice 2 1/2 by 4-foot flag on a flagpole from Walmart. My PGR t-shirt came in yesterday, and I've got my cooler ready to go with cokes, sandwiches, and cookies for all. Well, maybe not "all" but at least for "some," in case some of them haven't eaten lunch before we all meet at the "staging area" where we gather for the pre-ride briefing. All I've got to do now is charge up the batteries for the digital camera for pics, and do a mapquest how to get to my friend's house, and then I'm good to go. :)
Oh, here's a funny story for you..... When I spoke with her earlier, she was telling me about the funeral they went to today. This one, unlike tomorrow's funeral, was in the morning. When she got there, all the biker dudes flocked around her car, looking for coffee! She said, "DARN IT, KAT!!! YOU'VE SPOILED THEM ALREADY!!!!! Cut that out, cuz I gotta put up with 'em all!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHA! Boy did I crack up laughing at that! I told her, "Sorry.... I absolutley LOVE spoiling people.... How 'bout this... I spoil 'em, and you put 'em back in their place!" HAHAHA!!!! She was like, "*Sigh* Well, try not to spoil 'em too bad, OK?" HAHAHAHA! :-)
On a serious note... please keep everyone in your prayers tomorrow. On 10/15, there will be no less than THREE funerals for fallen heroes, and the PGR will be present at each. I know that those evil, nasty, sick & twisted westboro baptist "church" (no caps on purpose - they don't deserve any respect, and they sure as heck aren't a true "church!") are supposed to be at two of the funerals (including this one I'm going to), spewing their vile hatred and protesting... Please pray that they DON'T show up... for ANY of them! Pray for the families of these heroes, pray for their friends... just pray.... Our hearts here in Georgia are broken - we've lost so many recently. :(


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