Monday, October 16, 2006

The Patriot Guard Riders in Action

Here's some pictures from my day yesterday (Sunday, October 15). I rode with the PGR again to honor yet another fallen hero, Spc. Justin Jarrett, who was all of 21 years old and left behind a wife, two small children, and his parents and other family members. I am wiped out and exhausted from yesterday - round trip was somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 miles altogether... my car was being "iffy" so I rode with a friend (in her car, she doesn't have a bike yet, haha).

CLICK HERE for all of the pictures...there's 54 of em.....


pnicolella said...

Just found these pictures on your site. What a great joy it gives to see that someone has the proof of what we witnessed that day as we took Justin home. It was an awe-filled ride to the mountains to lay my nephew to we will never forget. Thank you for posting the pictures we were too emotional and involved to capture.

Kat said...

{{{hugs}}} You are more than welcome... it was an honor to be there.

After the interrment service at the cemetary, a lady came up to us, and hugged me (several of us, actually), and said, "Thank you for honoring my nephew so beautifully!" Was that you?

anyway - there is no greater honor that I can think of, than to have had a small part to play in honoring one of our nation's heroes. God bless you.

pnicolella said...

It was not me. Wish it had been though.
It was difficult to sort out who was who that late afternoon. So many gave so much that day. When they say that there is "saftey in numbers" they surely must mean that there is comfort in numbers as well. To know that so many shared our sadness (as evidenced in your photos)and chose to honor Justin by standing by his family is a gift beyond words.
Justin was a hero before he put on that uniform. He will be one forever.
Again, thank you for what you did and for what you are doing to insure that the soldiers and their families are remembered.

" We, ourselves, feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But, the ocean would be less because of that missing drop." Mother Teresa

Kat said...

{{{hugs}}} Ma'am, every funeral I've attended with the PGR, I have felt that same strength and that same comfort you spoke of. We truly do grieve right along with you, though of course, nobody but the family can truly understand the depth of the loss.

Please feel free to email me anytime ( ~ here for you always. Know that you are in our prayers during this very difficult holiday season, and always.


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