Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stupid Employee Tricks (or: I'm the Laughingstock of the Office!)

Up until today, my most horribly embarrassing "workplace incident" involved me getting my security badge caught in a paper shredder and getting "stuck" (no, not at my current job, the Paper Shredder Incident was in 2000, somewhere else) Today, however, I topped that Stupid Employee Trick - in spades! I managed to burn myself at lunch today pretty badly - and in front of a nice-sized audience, too. It HURTS! Two hours after the fact, and it still STINGS BAD! Owie... Though I must admit, I can DEFINITELY see the humor in the situation...and I would also really like to crawl under a rock & DIE haha...... there goes my "cool, classy & professional" image here at work... Oh well...

Anyway, what happened is that when I went to put my TV dinner back in the microwave to finish heating it (the enchiladas were still cold in the middle), somehow it slipped out of my hands and the scalding hot beans, rice, and cheese sauce stuff poured right down onto my neck and directly into my V-neck blouse (where, of course, it was "trapped" until I could get to the bathroom to get it cleaned up)!!! Yep, I hollered and jumped like, well, like a scalded kat, haha!!!!! What a scene it was there in the breakroom... the mail room guy who happened to be standing next to me at the time is running back & forth bringing me towels & napkins and fetching burn cream from the office supply folks... asking if I'm burned... I was like, "Ummm..yeah - TRUST ME -- I'm DEFINITELY burned!!!!" Now my blouse is a MESS (though I got all the food off it, you can tell it's not clean anymore...stained with beans, rice & cheese sauce) AND my neck is definitely VERY red and burned and PAINFUL, as is the other area(s) that can't be seen!!!! Yep, it stings BAD!!! Ouch. :-( I got a BUNCH of burn cream from the supply people...but unless it starts to form blisters I don't "think" I'll need to see a doctor. Ugh.... Calgon...take me AWAAAAAYYYY!!!!

And yes, I'm laughing as I type this, cuz yeah - it's funny. But DANG it hurts!!!!!!!!! Even two hours after the fact...OUCH! (but about a stupid way to get hurt.... microwaving a tv dinner....of all things! hahahaha!).


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