Wednesday, September 27, 2006

********Rolling Victory Fast*******in progress!

Ooooooooops...... To use a Tae word - I 'toe-tally' forgot I was scheduled to be an official Faster today for the Rolling Victory Fast in support of all our troops....This even after Tanker bros even referred to me today as a veteran faster.

Kat (she of the infamous Kat and Brat synchro flying duo) just emailed me and asked if I am fasting

It seems I have been anyways. I really really havent eaten a thing yet today. Was just beginning to think that I SHOULD eat something - but that plan is now scratched of course!!!

I DID start my day pre-dawn on my local beach (not the one in the pics.) watching the sunrise over the mountains.And yes I WAS thinking about troops in the sandbox and troops long I guess my heart remembered what the brat brain cell forgot......

As always I have throughout the day been thinking about OUR troops, and waiting anxiously for epals to check in (all present and correct so far....phew) I have also been thinking about Soldiers Angels and why any of us do what we a post earlier about someone not getting any answers through the LWT...I haven't had ONE reply yet! But it really isn't about that for me.For me, being a Soldiers Angel is about acknowledging in my own small way that every one of our troops MATTER to us...'until they all come home' - and then some.

In true Soldiers Angel fashion, and I know as our troops do, I may have tripped up by not consciously fasting BUT I have picked myself up, and am rededicating in formal fashion the rest of today's fast, to all our troops and to all the Soldiers Angels. Watch this space.... Wings And yes {{{{{{{{{{{{Kat}}}}}}}}} you are stuck with me.......of COURSE I love you...sheeeeeesh!!!! *swooooooooosh*



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