Tuesday, September 05, 2006

****ROLLING VICTORY FAST 'FOOD' lol*********

Yes folks, its the Rae and Ros show again...What were we thinking?

This day is in honour of Rae's son who one year ago today (Sept 6) was deployed to Iraq......Ya all know by now he is HOME....

Also being honoured are Rae's mum and dad..54th years married - TODAY.

This day's fast is called "Fast food' for a reason.... I know I know...thinking food on a day of fasting is kinda whacky - but ahemmmm..BRAT HERE!!!!!!

I did consider 'spelling' it all out for you BUT instead I'll be posting blogging, and you will get the idea of what's cooking...(oh yes...there WILL be more than a few food references.......

So fire up the barbie(isn't that what Americans say? Rolling Eyes ( and let the "fast Food' day begin.

Watch this space and remember this is ALL about supporting our troops....Yes - they ARE all our troops...

"Every soldier is one of our own"


Georgia Blogger