Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"A is for avocado"'s official - Brats DO drink coffee...And yes - this brat did sleep for some of my hours -

Today I decided, and Rae agreed, is going to be based on an Angel Alphabet' of food.....and dedicated to different soldiers throughout the day.

Soooooo without further ado - and having adjusted the caffein IV drip..

MY first soldier up is "My" medic.....some of you may remember how often I talked to him.. He was in a particularly harrowing area, with intense fighting, and I used to talk to him around the clock. Many days you know I was glued to this computer 24/7 so I was here when he would return from yet another harrowing mission. Days when he needed to touch base with 'home'. Well I got an email last week...He really IS going say I am happy is not even close...This man - going home to hug his wife and two beautiful children - is one of the gentlest souls on this planet., and I am the richer, and wiser, for knowing him. It has been a priviledge to share some of his darkest loneliest hours with him. And yes, to celebrate his return to his family. I will always think of this special special man with so much love - and hope that down the years when he is dangling his grandchildren on his knee, he will think of an Angel who loves him - and smile.....

"The best is yet to come...."

and A is for avocado.....Avocadoes were my craving when I was pregnant. I always joke that my child shoulda been born looking like mum's fave food....instead to this day my grown up child(who looks NOTHING like an avocado!!) often makes mum an avocado and bacon sandwich. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmers....

Every medic is one of MY own.......


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