Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"O is for......"

Okay folks.....the following is a direct copy and paste job of an email I got this week which was the genesis of this whole thread..I laughed so hard when I read it that I KNEW food had to be the topic of today. I also give full credit to two other very silly Angels. Dina...thank you thank you.. I give you FULL credit - call off the lawyers pleeeeeeeease - and Cyndy? Tell the goons to stand down. I am always more than delighted to acknowledge other silly "Angels"...(even if you stutter....rofl)

OWL recipe - a family tradition in some parts.....


"Save the forests....Wipe your *** with a spotted owl."

My great grandmomma came up with a lip smacking recipe for spotted owl (or as we like to call it - the little birdy who's still gettin' it's butt
kicked into extinction even w/out all those lumberjacks cuttin' down
trees). If you watch football, it's on the order of the turducken that
John Madden cooks up every Thanksgiving.

Take 1 spotted owl and stuff an endangered salmon in it's mouth. Stick a
nice long stick through it's...ummmm...BEhind up through the salmon's
mouth and out. Once it's on the stick, you can pluck 'im easier. We like
to save the feathers to make boas, but that's another story. Now you want to add a pinch of salt, a few shakes of hot sauce and a mound of garlic and onion along w/3 big bottles of Hefeweizen (well, really 1/2...the cook is drinking the rest) and you are ready to go. I'm telling you, this is
like a little piece of heaven on a stick.

Carefully start a bonfire in the middle of the Mt. St. Helen's wilderness,
being sure not to have a fire ring around it because you want that sucker
to smoke. (Preferable way to start the fire - find some nice thick
undergrowth and toss a 1/2 smoked cigarette into it. Wait 15 minutes (or
about 2 beers) and then fan the embers til they catch clear up to the old
growth tree branches...they burn the best.

When the fire is good and hot (good gauge...have you lost your eyebrows
yet?) throw the spotted owl on the heat and run like heck because every
ranger, tree-hugger and cop will be chasing your hiney at this point!
"Every soldier is one of our own"


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