Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"L is for..."

Since here on the west coast iit IS dinner about leek and potatoe soup? (home made of course) I made it for years but haven't for a while. Then as dessert? Lemon meringue pie of course....a family favourite. and then we found a recipe in a microwave cookbook...Tastes just as good but doesn't look quite as good....aaaaaah well

"M is for..." (again courtesy of Cyndy - awesome support crew.Thank you!)

mustard (I don't think condiments count)
Mars bars - I was raised with these as a special treat - siiiiiiiiiigh

I was also thinking mango smoothie as a nod to my co-faster today Rae...........she has been working all day. And from our house? Macaroni cheese - home made with real cheeses...

"N is for..."

Nuttello? however you spell that.....and of course - any kind of noodles (yep I may cheat on that one later!)
"Every soldier is one of our own"


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