Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Detailed Norris Update

From Janis, received this evening. Keep the prayers going!

Hello friends and supporters.....Some of you may not be reading the web site, so I'll let you know that Norris was discharged from the hospital yesterday at 5:00 PM. He is so glad to be back at Mologne House with his TV, bed and computer. We walked to the hospital to get his bandage and wound dressing supplies today. We stopped in to see the physical therapy folks (that he loves so much) and then came on back to the room at Mologne House. He slept all night last night with no pain medication at all and felt OK this morning. His right foot is not hurting like it did the other day. He had chili dogs for dinner and a piece of chocolate cake. I am still making him drink his chocolate protein drink, though. His wounds look great and the drainage is minimal. He is going to the bathroom by himself and everything is "working". He wears a stretch binder around his abdomen to keep him tight and protect him from bumps and jolts, but he can take a shower. I dress the two open holes in his abdomen each morning and evening. Now all we have to do is let him heal. He does that really well. His next appointment is Friday with the general surgery team and then we'll have a restful weekend I hope. Maybe I can get some rest. If all goes well, they may even let him come home for a 30-day convalescent leave and he can fly home with me on the 14th. I was attempting to type some up-dates for all the trouble we had from August 27th through the September 3rd, but I got through August 28th and had to take a phone call. The computer here in the room lost it all. I will not attempt to type it over, but it will all be in the book. Yes, we will write it all down in a book and it will all be there. The good, the bad and the ugly. Walter Reed Army Medical Center is a state-of-the-art facility and one of the greatest hospitals in the world. The doctors and staff are awesome and Donald Rumsfeld is here for shoulder surgery. (I'll bet they don't try to kill him like they did Galatas)...although one soldier and one civilian crashed while we were on Ward 68...the soldier made it....the civilian did not. There was no one to sit at their bedside to alert the nurses if something "freaky" happened. That is what our complaint is all about....families of wounded warriors should not have to sit by their bedside 24/7 to protect their soldier from the CIVILIAN nursing staff at this hospital....and the humiliation my husband suffered...well, that should not happen to anyone....certainly a warrior who has been injured in battle. Our book will be "A Soldier's Courage" the way....the supervisor came up from SICU Friday night and apologized to Norris...We hugged and smiled and I told her how close she came to being punched right in the face, but we smoothed it over. (She was a little late coming with the apology) and the complaint is still going through. But I give her credit for making the effort. Keep us in your prayers ain't over yet. Janis


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