Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I am SUCH a Nerd! :)

Wooohoo! I'm SO excited about my great "find" at Border's Bookstore tonight!!! See, after I get off the bus every evening, instead of coming home where there is all manner of noise and chaos which are decidedly NOT conducive to effective studying, I stay at the mall and hang out in the coffeeshop at the Border's Bookstore there. Well, tonight, I'd finished most of my homework (as much as I could do without a computer, anyway) and was on my way out the door. I was NOT looking for anything, honest... but they "just happened" to put the "Bargain Books" table right by the exit..... and I just happened (not on purpose, I swear!) to glance over at it, and saw this:

"The Complete Works of William Shakespeare" -- $7.99

!!!!!! Holy Cow!!!! That's like a $24 book, normall... $8 for a $24 book?! Considering the fact that I'm an ENGLISH MAJOR, it's a pretty safe bet I'll be devling into the world of Shakespeare quite a bit in the years ahead. So, I did an about-face and snatched that book off the table REALLY fast. Then, strategically placed underneath it, I saw this:

"Edgar Allen Poe: Complete Tales & Poems" -- $7.99

!!!!! Holy Cow, again!!!! I've only read a few Shakespeare works for college, and as of yet, NOTHING by Poe (though I've read him "on my own" outside of class)... so, being an English major and all, it seemed REAL logical to me that at some point, I'd be doing some Poe reading, too. Who knows...maybe there will be a Poe research paper in my future at some point?! (Though hopefully, NOT another Shakespeare paper...ick...)

Anyway, that book got snatched up real quick, too. I got $40-$50 worth of books, for a whopping $16.20.

Not bad, huh?! :) I'm SO excited... gosh I'm a nerd, haha! Oh well. :)


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