Monday, September 04, 2006

Sad Update about Dustin DeCol

Also got this email from Janis about their friend, Dustin. Those of you who have been following along have heard of Dustin's heroic fight against cancer. Here is the latest update...... Please keep them in your prayers.

A sad up-date for my buddy Dustin DeCol... I talked with Destiny (Dustin's sister) and Jana (his Mom) out on the breezeway Wednesday afternoon. Danny (Dad) had been at home but flew back up to get him. They are all flying home so Dustin can die at home. That is what he wants. His best buddy from the unit is with them. Jana and I both thought we had cried all we could, but we both hugged and cried. Now I guess Regina won't be having the baby up here....Dustin wants to be cremated and his ashes "put on the mantle so ya'll can talk to me while you vacuum"...bless his heart. They were told months, then weeks, and with the blood clots and cancer...just days. I hate it for them. They are a tight family. They're going home to Houma, LA. Janis


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