Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Walking after Midnight"

Soooooooo here we are........!!! I see we had a medic in the house, and another 'trooper' on vampire watch...Hoooooah... We are cooking...and I KNOW Aussie chic is on the patrol. Looking good there aussie girl. Hafta tell you. This first blog was going to be kick ***, but I fell asleep ;) Now I'm thinking: What if they gave a War and we all slept through it? Ohhhhhhhhh boy.... Hey maybe that's a good title for the mooooooovie that they gonna make about Cindy who know who....You havent heard about that one? Well it is no lie. Aussie Chic ever so 'graciously' sent me a link to Village Voice.. It seems Cindy and all had a shindig. I'm not too clear right now on the 'facts' but hey - not to worry, we can check those later, or not! However, seems for the price of $150 ya all coulda got to hobnob with good ole Cindy. I dont know about you but seems to ME that $150 to say "hi" to Cindy could have been better spent. Seems to me, $150 could buy an awful lot of 'luxuries' for any number of our guys in a sandbox far away from Cindy or the media. I, of course, don't have $150 so I couldn't pay to say "hi" to Cindy. BUT I like to think that even if I DID have $150, I would have used it better. You know, by sending something to our guys....gasp! Can you IMAGINE what luxuries that money could have got for our boys and girls? I hear tell that in some places the troops don't even have a PX to buy essentials, and thats where SoldiersAngels comes in. Soldiers Angels makes it their mission to send care packages of basics - oh soap and stuff(and for a woman maybe a bra or more) and maybe a luxury item (coffee anyone?) Imagine what $150 could do. And there in Village Voice is dear ole Cindy - and her media friends rockin' in the free world at a concert to "Bring em home now" or some such thing. Well news flash Cindy.. They aren't home yet! And to me, I don't care if you agree with this war or any war or not. To me, every single one of those brave men and women deserves our support til as SA mission statement says "They all come home". I wonder how Casey Sheehan would feel if he WAS still over there in the sandbox(and I'm of the mind to say his spirit just might be ^j^) Okay before I completely become incoherent and inarticulate (and who wants that? hahahah - we've only just begin dear readers.....rofl) I am off to walk the brat dog...."Walking after midnight with my baaaaaaaby"......

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Stick around. Cali_Angel has promised to be on vampire patrol. You gooooooooo girl. I feel safer knowing that YOU and our guys are on patrol...Midnight here is 11pm in Iraq, so you KNOW our guys are wide awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake... "Goooooooooood morning"...Oh I think they can hear dont you? ;)


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